Some attributes
First Genesis Squad Lieutenant
Second Female
Third Mouse
Other attributes
Magenta is a very snarky mouse with a determined personality. She was previously a member of the Alpha Squad, but was unjustly dispatched by Nitro for an injury. Magenta would usually hang around The Pit, brawling with other mice and rats to recieve money. Ziro was extremely impressed with her skills, and asked her to join Genesis Squad as the new lieutenant. As a pup, she was abandoned by her father and neglected by her mother. She had been on her own "three full seasons younger than most pups." She learned to fend for herself and to trust no one. Magenta refers to it as "survival of the fittest." Within two seasons, she had made the Elite title and paired up with the Alpha Squad.


  • Magenta is the 2nd lieutenant of the Genesis Squad.
  • Ziro recruited her.
  • She replaced Lefty as the new lieutenant.

  • Magenta and Ziro huddled around a fire.
  • Magenta putting Nightshade in a headlock.
  • Magenta threatening Ziro with her knife.