Chapter9 Attack

Kee-ow preparing to capture Magenta with her back turned.

Kee-ow was first introduced in chapter 9 when she captured Magenta. Kee-ow is a female owl with soft white feathers, streaked with brown blotches. She has large yellow eyes, a black beak, and speaks in hushed tones. Kee-ow refers to herself as the "Queen of the Sky" and "Keeper of the Night." Ziro rescues Magenta by scaling the grappling hook line she shot, which was connected to a tree. He took her hidden knife from her boot, and severed the tendons in Kee-ow's leg. Magenta was left with a slash to the shoulder, which was patched up quickly.


  • Kee-ow lost one of her legs due to Ziro slashing it with Magenta's knife.

Mech mice

The size of an owl compared to mice.